A living installation at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum by Joshua Pablo Rosenstock revenge of the lawn
live cam
time lapse

“Revenge of the Lawn” was commissioned by the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum as part of its Lawn Nation exhibition, and runs from May 23 - September 7, 2008. It was constructed in collaboration with Jonah Goldstein and Sarah Fierberg Phillips.


“Revenge of the Lawn” is a durational installation that examines our culture’s estrangement from organic processes and pokes fun at our desire to master the natural world. “Revenge of the Lawn” presents a typical living room scene made out of furniture that has been reupholstered with soil and seeds. It is a fantasy environment designed to encourage “nature” to reclaim “man-made” objects and permeate the boundary between Indoor and Outdoor, calling attention to the arbitrariness of these binaries. As the tableau of tranquil domesticity is progressively threatened by overgrowth, it calls to mind apocalyptic or science-fiction scenarios. Although the title is campy and the piece’s overall effect is humorous, there is a darker edge that hints at an out-of-balance world in which humans are no longer present.


“Revenge of the Lawn” is named in homage to the short story by Richard Brautigan bearing the same title.